LifeQuest Revival 2013

Last year we tried something new for us as a local church.  We hosted a Revival with 5 different preachers from around the country.  My friend and mentor Richard Blackaby kicked it off and God really moved in a big way.  We saw people come to Christ, get baptized, repent, marriages restore and then list goes on.

As I was praying about our 10 year celebration  I have reflected about on ALL that has happened in 10 years of starting LifeQuest Church.  One day the Holy Spirit prompted me with this thought, “If we are going to see the next 10 years be even more fruitful and impactful we need to prepare our hearts and lives for it.”  I began to wrestle with that prompting and starting asking how can we lead the way in that.

The answer came several days later.  In order to prepare our hearts and local church for the next 10 years we are hosting the LifeQuest Revival 2013.  The LifeQuest Revival 2013 we kicked off on Wednesday April 24 at 7PM at our Belton Campus.  I am excited about this because it will take us into our 10 year celebration on April 28th at Belton High School Forum 10am.

We will have 4 different preachers that will bring the Word to our hearts and lives.  Kicking off the Revival will be my  counselor & friend Ken Howard on April 24th 2013.

Make plans today to be here every night of this great Revival.