Wanna get a FREE Tattoo or $100?

Have you ever wanted to get a tattoo?  What about a FREE Tattoo?  We are starting a new series INKED – Marked by God.  When we enter a relationship with Jesus He marks us by Forgiveness, the Holy Spirit, Grace & a purpose to live by.  Beginning this Easter Sunday March 31st LifeQuest Church is going to talk about what marks us.


On May 5th we will have a live tattoo artist on stage with me while I preach actually doing a tattoo.  There will be 3 live worship experiences where we will need people to get a tattoo.  I thought that would be easy, just pick 3 people BUT I was wrong, everyone wants one.  So we have decided to create a fun way for people to get their name in the drawing for a FREE tattoo on stage while I preach May 5th.


For every guest you bring to LifeQuest Church (one of our 3 locations) on Easter 2013 you will get your name in the drawing for a free tattoo on May 5th 2013, ie. If you bring 20 guests you will get your name in the drawing 20 times.  By the way, if you don’t want a free tattoo then we will give you $100.


There are a few rules so here they are:


  • Must be 18 years or older.
  • Guests who have not been to LifeQuest Church in the past six months.
  • Must make an appointment with the tattoo artist at least one week before May 5th 2013.
  • Guest must fill out a connection card and write the name of the person who invited them on it and turn in to Guest Services.
  • You will be assigned what worship experience you will get the tattoo in.  Times are 9am, 10:30am & 6pm.
  • The free tattoo must be done on May 5th 2013 during the sermon (so if you are afraid of crowds this may not be for you).