Turning up the heat

Dear Restaurant Employee

Dear Restaurant Employee,

I know that Sunday’s is the worst day to work.  You have people come in all dressed up after “church” and demand more of you than most customers and then in return not tip well if at all.  This is a terrible testimony for Jesus and His Church.  It was never the intention at all.  Unfortunately we are all sinners and that’s not an excuse but reality.

Not only do you have to deal with “church” people on Sunday but if you wanted to attend church yourself or explore Faith you would have to choose another time or not at all.  Many times this isn’t your choice it’s just the nature of restaurant business and if you want a job :)

We have been thinking about you and to that end are launching a Sunday Night 6pm Worship Experience (same as Sunday morning) to provide an opportunity for you to worship and build relationships with other folks that are like minded and exploring faith too.

LifeQuest Church is a safe place that you can explore Jesus & the Gospel at your own pace.  It doesn’t matter your background, addiction, religious preference, sexual orientation, nationality, economic status, past hurts, present hurts, if you’ve been divorced, remarried, single, grew up in church or never been at all.   In fact one of our core values is NO PERFECT PEOPLE ALLOWED!

We believe that Jesus died for everyone and that we are all hopeless with out Him and the work He did on the Cross.

I hope you will be my guest One Sunday Night soon at 6pm LifeQuest Church Belton!

For more info on LifeQuest Church and directions www.lifequestchurch.tv