Part 2 of The Biggest mistakes I have made as a leader

Yesterday I talked about how I have allowed insecurity to choke out the boldness God has given me and how I am dealing with that.  Today I want to talk about the other mistake I have made:


The mistake of allowing negativity from others to dull my creativity and imagination.


This happens hand in hand with the first mistake.  When you allow people’s negative lenses to become yours it can cripple you.  Then all you think about or hear in your head is what the naysayers are saying verse what God says.  This is the design of the evil one.  It produces very predictable results.

I have a friend that walked me through starting my day off with what God thinks of me and that has begun to crush the negativity in my life and leadership.  Secondly, I have surrounded myself with a board of overseers that not only speak into my life but also help me look through the right lens.  Instead of starting the day off with “Hey satan what do you want me to believe today?” it’s replaced with “God who am I in you?  How do I live out the Gospel – which is simple that I am more loved than I could ever imagine by the Creator of the Universe.”

I have found that surrounding myself with people that love me and speak truth into my life makes all the difference in the world.

Who is your board of overseers?  Who do you draw counsel from?  How have you begun to deal with negativity and naysayers in your life?

Don’t let the naysayers get you down, drag you through the mud.  Live out of who you are in Christ!  That’s all that matters.