Two of the Biggest mistakes I have made as a leader/church planter

I was reflecting recently on what mistakes have set me back as a leader and what I am learning from in my life.  There were many that came to my mind but two stuck out.  Over the next two days I will talk about both.


The first glaring mistake I have made is to let my insecurity almost cripple me. I have allowed my insecurity to choke out the boldness God has given me.  Every person is insecure to some degree.  I am a little more insecure than normal because of my disposition and upbringing.


I talked about this in my book SCARS that as a kid growing up I started to crave the applause of those around me.  I became more concerned with what others thought and started to position my life around that.


As I became an adult I have brought that along with me in different phases.  After much counseling and prayer God has delivered me from much of that.  But as a great friend says, life is a journey through our brokenness.


The biggest mistake I have made is to let insecurity drive my decisions as a leader.  This is NOT good.  After wrestling with this for years I have begun to make changes in this area that allow me to make decisions while putting my insecurity in check.  The truth is I probably will always struggle to some degree with this area but knowing how to put my insecurity in check helps to alleviate some of the pain and mistakes.


How do you handle your insecurity?