Do you like to SLEEP in?

Do you like to SLEEP IN?


At LifeQuest Church we are continuing to grow and change how we do what we do to be as effective as possible.  After much prayer, surveying the Belton Campus & looking at how we can better reach more and more people for Jesus we have decided to add a third worship experience to the Belton Campus.


Starting March 24, 2013 we will launch a Sunday Night worship experience at 6pm.


Why Sunday nights?


We have surveyed the Belton campus and looked at the NEED of those who don’t attend church.  One clear observation is that many people have to work on Sunday mornings.  Most of us are Thankful for the servers at restaurants when we go for lunch.  What you might not consider is this:  for them to work on Sunday means if they want to be a part of exploring faith or a local church they are inhibited.


SO we are kicking off a Sunday night worship experience to reach those people.  Firemen, police, nurses, service industry employee’s such as restaurants, Starbucks, groceries stores, gas stations etc.


People have asked if Sunday Night will be different or the same as Sunday Morning? The answer is both, it will be the same great music, sermon and time to worship Jesus as well as an extra worship tune.


KidzQuest will be the same except with a twist.  It will be KidzQuest at the movies where kids will learn about Jesus through video and live teaching.


Mark your calendars for March 24th 6PM at LifeQuest Church Belton Campus!!!!


Hope to see you there.  Also if you can facebook or tweet this, here’s a line you might want to use:


Like to sleep in on Sundays or flat out have to work? @lifequestchurch is starting a Sunday Night worship experience on March 24th @ 6pm.