Boomerang Express & Sports Camp!

Guest Blogger: Nick Cook, Children’s Director

Can I just say that I am just in awe of the Goodness of Christ. How about the fact that this week at Sports Camp and VBS God has just messed me up as a man running passionately after God’s heart. These kids, this is where it’s at. Building up a generation of young people sold out for Christ just consumes me, overwhelms me.
I am just brought to tears as I write this post reflecting on the fact that so many kids came out these past couple of days. 16 kids for the bball camp, and 38 kids came to the evening VBS.

Not only is there a team of committed believers here all the way from TEXAS, but the curriculum is excellent. BOOMERANG EXPRESS.

I have had a chance to meet these kids, and build a closer relationship with them. These kids are bright, and they are full of life and child-like faith. Yes, I think these songs are silly, and they are stuck in your head the whole week, but you know what, they are awesome! They work, and they communicate the Gospel in a pretty awesome way that is so simple. I like that. Sometimes we as Christians get so caught up in the deep doctrine of religiosity that we often stray from the child-like faith in which Jesus talks about in the Gospel. This camp makes me feel more alive. The simple way that the Gospel is shown is so pure, so easy to understand. We serve a great God who loves us and who wants us to follow Him with child-like faith.

I am just reminded of the Goodness of God, and the fact that He can use little Children to ruin me for His Glory. Our God is a God of Love. He loves these Children, they are His. We are His Children, and being able to serve these kids and serve God just blows me away.

These Children declare the beauty of the Lord.

I am just so blessed to be able to spend time with these Children and be reminded what Child Like Faith is! I love you Jesus!!

A child gave her life to Christ tonight. I don’t know about you, but all of the video stuff, the music, the props, the games, the skits, the stories…the money… was worth it. She came to know CHRIST!! I mean that is freakin awesome!!

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