LifeQuest Revival 2013

Last year we tried something new for us as a local church.  We hosted a Revival with 5 different preachers from around the country.  My friend and mentor Richard Blackaby kicked it off and God really moved in a big way.  We saw people come to Christ, get baptized, repent, marriages restore and then list goes on.

As I was praying about our 10 year celebration  I have reflected about on ALL that has happened in 10 years of starting LifeQuest Church.  One day the Holy Spirit prompted me with this thought, “If we are going to see the next 10 years be even more fruitful and impactful we need to prepare our hearts and lives for it.”  I began to wrestle with that prompting and starting asking how can we lead the way in that.

The answer came several days later.  In order to prepare our hearts and local church for the next 10 years we are hosting the LifeQuest Revival 2013.  The LifeQuest Revival 2013 we kicked off on Wednesday April 24 at 7PM at our Belton Campus.  I am excited about this because it will take us into our 10 year celebration on April 28th at Belton High School Forum 10am.

We will have 4 different preachers that will bring the Word to our hearts and lives.  Kicking off the Revival will be my  counselor & friend Ken Howard on April 24th 2013.

Make plans today to be here every night of this great Revival.


Wanna get a FREE Tattoo or $100?

Have you ever wanted to get a tattoo?  What about a FREE Tattoo?  We are starting a new series INKED – Marked by God.  When we enter a relationship with Jesus He marks us by Forgiveness, the Holy Spirit, Grace & a purpose to live by.  Beginning this Easter Sunday March 31st LifeQuest Church is going to talk about what marks us.


On May 5th we will have a live tattoo artist on stage with me while I preach actually doing a tattoo.  There will be 3 live worship experiences where we will need people to get a tattoo.  I thought that would be easy, just pick 3 people BUT I was wrong, everyone wants one.  So we have decided to create a fun way for people to get their name in the drawing for a FREE tattoo on stage while I preach May 5th.


For every guest you bring to LifeQuest Church (one of our 3 locations) on Easter 2013 you will get your name in the drawing for a free tattoo on May 5th 2013, ie. If you bring 20 guests you will get your name in the drawing 20 times.  By the way, if you don’t want a free tattoo then we will give you $100.


There are a few rules so here they are:


  • Must be 18 years or older.
  • Guests who have not been to LifeQuest Church in the past six months.
  • Must make an appointment with the tattoo artist at least one week before May 5th 2013.
  • Guest must fill out a connection card and write the name of the person who invited them on it and turn in to Guest Services.
  • You will be assigned what worship experience you will get the tattoo in.  Times are 9am, 10:30am & 6pm.
  • The free tattoo must be done on May 5th 2013 during the sermon (so if you are afraid of crowds this may not be for you).

Turning up the heat

Dear Restaurant Employee

Dear Restaurant Employee,

I know that Sunday’s is the worst day to work.  You have people come in all dressed up after “church” and demand more of you than most customers and then in return not tip well if at all.  This is a terrible testimony for Jesus and His Church.  It was never the intention at all.  Unfortunately we are all sinners and that’s not an excuse but reality.

Not only do you have to deal with “church” people on Sunday but if you wanted to attend church yourself or explore Faith you would have to choose another time or not at all.  Many times this isn’t your choice it’s just the nature of restaurant business and if you want a job :)

We have been thinking about you and to that end are launching a Sunday Night 6pm Worship Experience (same as Sunday morning) to provide an opportunity for you to worship and build relationships with other folks that are like minded and exploring faith too.

LifeQuest Church is a safe place that you can explore Jesus & the Gospel at your own pace.  It doesn’t matter your background, addiction, religious preference, sexual orientation, nationality, economic status, past hurts, present hurts, if you’ve been divorced, remarried, single, grew up in church or never been at all.   In fact one of our core values is NO PERFECT PEOPLE ALLOWED!

We believe that Jesus died for everyone and that we are all hopeless with out Him and the work He did on the Cross.

I hope you will be my guest One Sunday Night soon at 6pm LifeQuest Church Belton!

For more info on LifeQuest Church and directions www.lifequestchurch.tv


Part 2 of The Biggest mistakes I have made as a leader

Yesterday I talked about how I have allowed insecurity to choke out the boldness God has given me and how I am dealing with that.  Today I want to talk about the other mistake I have made:


The mistake of allowing negativity from others to dull my creativity and imagination.


This happens hand in hand with the first mistake.  When you allow people’s negative lenses to become yours it can cripple you.  Then all you think about or hear in your head is what the naysayers are saying verse what God says.  This is the design of the evil one.  It produces very predictable results.

I have a friend that walked me through starting my day off with what God thinks of me and that has begun to crush the negativity in my life and leadership.  Secondly, I have surrounded myself with a board of overseers that not only speak into my life but also help me look through the right lens.  Instead of starting the day off with “Hey satan what do you want me to believe today?” it’s replaced with “God who am I in you?  How do I live out the Gospel – which is simple that I am more loved than I could ever imagine by the Creator of the Universe.”

I have found that surrounding myself with people that love me and speak truth into my life makes all the difference in the world.

Who is your board of overseers?  Who do you draw counsel from?  How have you begun to deal with negativity and naysayers in your life?

Don’t let the naysayers get you down, drag you through the mud.  Live out of who you are in Christ!  That’s all that matters.


Two of the Biggest mistakes I have made as a leader/church planter

I was reflecting recently on what mistakes have set me back as a leader and what I am learning from in my life.  There were many that came to my mind but two stuck out.  Over the next two days I will talk about both.


The first glaring mistake I have made is to let my insecurity almost cripple me. I have allowed my insecurity to choke out the boldness God has given me.  Every person is insecure to some degree.  I am a little more insecure than normal because of my disposition and upbringing.


I talked about this in my book SCARS that as a kid growing up I started to crave the applause of those around me.  I became more concerned with what others thought and started to position my life around that.


As I became an adult I have brought that along with me in different phases.  After much counseling and prayer God has delivered me from much of that.  But as a great friend says, life is a journey through our brokenness.


The biggest mistake I have made is to let insecurity drive my decisions as a leader.  This is NOT good.  After wrestling with this for years I have begun to make changes in this area that allow me to make decisions while putting my insecurity in check.  The truth is I probably will always struggle to some degree with this area but knowing how to put my insecurity in check helps to alleviate some of the pain and mistakes.


How do you handle your insecurity?



Do you like to SLEEP in?

Do you like to SLEEP IN?


At LifeQuest Church we are continuing to grow and change how we do what we do to be as effective as possible.  After much prayer, surveying the Belton Campus & looking at how we can better reach more and more people for Jesus we have decided to add a third worship experience to the Belton Campus.


Starting March 24, 2013 we will launch a Sunday Night worship experience at 6pm.


Why Sunday nights?


We have surveyed the Belton campus and looked at the NEED of those who don’t attend church.  One clear observation is that many people have to work on Sunday mornings.  Most of us are Thankful for the servers at restaurants when we go for lunch.  What you might not consider is this:  for them to work on Sunday means if they want to be a part of exploring faith or a local church they are inhibited.


SO we are kicking off a Sunday night worship experience to reach those people.  Firemen, police, nurses, service industry employee’s such as restaurants, Starbucks, groceries stores, gas stations etc.


People have asked if Sunday Night will be different or the same as Sunday Morning? The answer is both, it will be the same great music, sermon and time to worship Jesus as well as an extra worship tune.


KidzQuest will be the same except with a twist.  It will be KidzQuest at the movies where kids will learn about Jesus through video and live teaching.


Mark your calendars for March 24th 6PM at LifeQuest Church Belton Campus!!!!


Hope to see you there.  Also if you can facebook or tweet this, here’s a line you might want to use:


Like to sleep in on Sundays or flat out have to work? @lifequestchurch is starting a Sunday Night worship experience on March 24th @ 6pm.  www.lifequestchurch.tv



The Art of Grafting

Tomorrow we start the first series of the New Year.  God has been working on my heart for sometime, teaching me how to be connected to Him.  Every single one of us struggles with our identity.  In this series we will discover who we are in Christ!  It’s the most important thing you could do to start the New Year off right!!!

Can’t wait to share what the Bible has to say about this important subject.  If you want to prepare your hearts for the sermon, read John 15:1-11.

See you tomorrow at one of three locations, check out www.lifequestchurch.tv for times & locations.