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LifeQuest Revival 2013

Last year we tried something new for us as a local church.  We hosted a Revival with 5 different preachers from around the country.  My friend and mentor Richard Blackaby kicked it off and God really moved in a big way.  We saw people come to Christ, get baptized, repent, marriages restore and then list... More

Wanna get a FREE Tattoo or $100?

Have you ever wanted to get a tattoo?  What about a FREE Tattoo?  We are starting a new series INKED – Marked by God.  When we enter a relationship with Jesus He marks us by Forgiveness, the Holy Spirit, Grace & a purpose to live by.  Beginning this Easter Sunday March 31st LifeQuest Church is... More
Turning up the heat

Dear Restaurant Employee

Dear Restaurant Employee, I know that Sunday’s is the worst day to work.  You have people come in all dressed up after “church” and demand more of you than most customers and then in return not tip well if at all.  This is a terrible testimony for Jesus and His Church.  It was never the... More

Part 2 of The Biggest mistakes I have made as a leader

Yesterday I talked about how I have allowed insecurity to choke out the boldness God has given me and how I am dealing with that.  Today I want to talk about the other mistake I have made:   The mistake of allowing negativity from others to dull my creativity and imagination.   This happens hand... More

Two of the Biggest mistakes I have made as a leader/church planter

I was reflecting recently on what mistakes have set me back as a leader and what I am learning from in my life.  There were many that came to my mind but two stuck out.  Over the next two days I will talk about both.   The first glaring mistake I have made is to... More

Do you like to SLEEP in?

Do you like to SLEEP IN?   At LifeQuest Church we are continuing to grow and change how we do what we do to be as effective as possible.  After much prayer, surveying the Belton Campus & looking at how we can better reach more and more people for Jesus we have decided to add... More

Discovering who you ARE IN CHRIST

Everyone that has breath struggles at some point with their identity.  Today I shared who we are in Christ.  Here’s a resource we have put together that might help you.   Just click on this to download and type your name in.   Chris is Someone in Christ If we truly understand who we are in... More